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Environmental Unit

Our mission is to prosecute those who hurt the environment and its residents by not obeying the rules and laws designed to protect them, as well as those businesses that gain an unfair advantage over their competitors by circumventing the rules.

About the Unit

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Macomb County is rich with vital natural resources. It is the job of the Environmental Unit to fight to protect these resources, rigorously enforcing and assisting the county in developing strong environmental policies and programs.

The Environmental Unit prosecutes criminal violations of state laws and county ordinances relating to environmental quality. This task includes assisting environmental and criminal law enforcement agencies in investigating violations; authorizing criminal charges; and handling pre-trial, trial, and post-trial proceedings.

The Environmental Unit handles many kinds of environmental criminal cases, including clean water act violations; solid and hazardous waste; scrap tire; underground storage tank; pesticide application; and wetland violations; as well as traditional crimes related to falsification of environmental records. The majority of criminal cases have involved violations in two areas, wetlands protection and solid waste disposal.

The Environmental Unit also files civil actions and intervenes in administrative proceedings on behalf of the county prosecutor to prevent harm to the environmental health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the county.

Chief Patrick Sierawski

Contact Information and Links

Persons who become aware of environmental problems in Macomb County should not hesitate to contact governmental authorities. Below is a list of some environmental problems, and the agency best suited to handle complaints.

For pollution emergencies, such as leaks/spills of toxic substances into the air, water, or ground, contact your local police department or the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Pollution Emergency Alerting System at (PEAS) (800) 292-4706.

To report septic problems or improper disposal of sewage or human waste:
Macomb County Health Department
(586) 469-5236

To report polluters:
The Macomb County Public Works Hotline
(877) 679-4337

To Report Environmental Emergencies:
MDEQ Pollution Emergency Alert System (PEAS)
(800) 292-4706

For General Information and Assistance with Environmental Requirements:
MDEQ Environmental Assistance Center
(800) 662-9278

MDEQ Wetland Protection
(517) 241-8485

Macomb County Health Department Environmental Health Division
(586) 469-5236

MDEQ home page:,9429,,00.html

United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Region 5:

Macomb County Health Department Environmental Health Division:

For General Environmental Information about the Clinton River:
Clinton River Watershed Council

For General Environmental Information about the Great Lakes:
Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN)