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Internet Crime Unit

Our mission is to identify and prosecute predators who sexually exploit children online and who use the internet to terrorize, frighten, intimidate, or harass innocent victims. We also protect victims from having their identity and life stolen, and punish those individuals who cause such a devastating impact.

About the Unit


The Internet has unfortunately proven to be a fertile hunting ground for criminals preying on both adults and children. The mission of the Internet Crime Unit is to ensure a safe electronic environment for the communication of information and ideas, and for the transaction of commerce.

The Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to safeguarding the Internet for children, families, and all citizens, as a safe place to learn, communicate, and shop. The Internet Crimes Unit works closely with Macomb Area Computer Enforcement (MACE), a unit of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department, along with other law enforcement agencies that have expertise in investigating and prosecuting high-tech computer related crimes.

Chief Patrick Sierawski

These crimes include:

  • Sex Predator Cases: predatory pedophiles who use the Internet to develop relationships with children with the purpose of luring them to a meeting.
  • Child Pornography Cases: pedophiles and/or entrepreneurs, who use the Internet and/or computer to possess, make and/or distribute child pornography.
  • Cyber Stalking Cases: individuals who post messages through the Internet, email, or any other electronic medium intending to terrorize, frighten, intimidate, threaten, or harass another person.
  • Identity Theft Cases: con artists who utilize the Internet to obtain people’s personal information with the intent to use that information unlawfully.

More on Identity Theft

Identity thieves feed off everyday transactions, which usually reveal bits of personal information: bank and credit card numbers; income; social security number; or name, address, and phone numbers. An identity thief captures pieces of sensitive information and uses them to commit fraud or theft.

The Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office recognizes the seriousness of identity theft and sympathizes with the victims. These types of crimes involve lengthy paper trails and numerous pieces of evidence, requiring detailed attention. The mission of the Identity Theft Unit is to provide a quick and efficient prosecution of identity theft defendants, which holds defendant’s accountable for their actions and allows victims an easier time in restoring their credit.