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Macomb County FOIA requests

Macomb County's FOIA procedures and guidelines.

Macomb County is committed to complying with requests for public records in accordance with the provisions of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”).  All FOIA requests will be processed according to the requirements of FOIA and Macomb County’s Procedures and Guidelines.  A summary of this information is provided below.

FOIA requests can be emailed to


  • Public records may be available on Macomb County’s website without charge.

  • Certain types of public records are exempt from disclosure under FOIA.  Courts are not subject to FOIA.


Requests and responses

  • FOIA requests should be made in writing and should describe the public record(s) sought sufficiently enough for Macomb County to find them. It is also helpful to provide a phone number and/or email address so that, if necessary, Macomb County can contact the requester to clarify a request.

  • FOIA requests can be sent by mail, email or fax to the Office of Corporation Counsel to the attention of “FOIA Coordinator.”

  • Macomb County will respond to a request within five business days after receipt by granting, denying, partially granting and partially denying or extending for up to 10 business days the amount of time for granting or denying a request.

  • If Macomb County denies all or part of a request, it will explain the reason for doing so in its written response.



  • Macomb County may charge a fee for fulfilling a FOIA request. Macomb County may also require a 50 percent good-faith deposit if an estimated fee exceeds $50.

  • When charging a fee or requiring a deposit, Macomb County will provide the requestor with a detailed itemization of the allowable charges permitted by FOIA.

  • The charges will comply with Macomb County's Procedures and Guidelines and FOIA.



  • FOIA denials may be appealed to the Office of the County Executive or by commencing a civil action.

  • The amount charged for a FOIA fee may be appealed to the Office of the County Executive. A civil action may not be commenced unless the requestor first appealed the fee to the Office of the County Executive.