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Warrant Division

Our mission is to protect the citizens of Macomb County and ensure that those who commit crimes are identified and charged under the laws of the State of Michigan.

About the Unit


The Warrants Division is staffed by assistant prosecuting attorneys who evaluate thousands of criminal investigations presented each year by the 23 independent police agencies throughout Macomb County. This division then determines what, if any, charges should be issued. If charges are appropriate, a criminal complaint and warrant authorizing the charges is then prepared and sent to the police agency to initiate a criminal prosecution.

While this division works directly with police agencies, the Prosecutor’s Office itself is not an investigative agency. A citizen complaint of a criminal act must first be made to the appropriate police agency for investigation. Once the investigation has been completed, the case may then be submitted to the Warrants Division for a decision of what, if any, charges are appropriate.

Chief J. P. Hunt
Warrant Division Phone: 586-469-2530
Warrant Division