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Animal Control

The Macomb County Animal Control promotes the humane and ethical treatment of animals while protecting the health and safety of our residents.



Community Corrections

A community based sanction and rehabilitative program aimed at relieving prison and jail overcrowding through court-approved pre and post sentencing a

Community Mental Health

Macomb County Community Mental Health is the public provider of mental health, substance use and developmental disability treatment services.

County Executive

The County Executive Office was established to ensure all County activities are efficient, economical and ethical for citizens of Macomb County.




Equalization sets the property tax base for Macomb County, ensuring that property assessments are determined in a fair and equitable manner.

Ethics Board

Ensures all public servants and vendors doing business with Macomb County comply with all laws and policies of county government.


Friend of the Court

FOC serves the 16th Judicial Circuit Court in the enforcement of all support, alimony, and parenting time orders entered by the court.


Health Department

The Health Department provides a wide range of services related to environmental health, family health, disease control, and community health.



Juvenile Court

Has exclusive jurisdiction in cases involving youths under the age of 17 and concurrent jurisdiction over those over 17, but not yet 18.


Macomb Community Action

MCA is part of a national network of over 1000 local organizations that help people move from poverty to economic stability and self-sufficiency.

Martha T. Berry

Martha T. Berry is a County-operated medical care facility offering rehabilitation for illness or injury, as well as long-term skilled nursing care.

MSU Extension Services

Helping people improve their lives by bringing the vast knowledge resources of Michigan State University direct to Michigan residents and communities.


Probate Court

Exclusive legal and equitable jurisdiction in decedent's estates, guardianships, conservatorships, protective proceedings and commitment proceedings.

Prosecutor's Office

Welcome to the office of the chief law enforcement officer in Macomb County. Macomb County Prosecutor Peter J. Lucido (586) 469-5350 Prosecutor@m

Public Defender

Goal of the Public Defenders office is to increase the quality of legal representation of indigent clients being charged with crimes.

Public Works

Macomb County Public Works administers 475 County drains, issues drain and soil erosion permits, reviews engineering plans and conducts inspections






Blue Economy

Blue Economy initiative focuses on environmental stewardship, economic development and quality of life.

Boards and commissions

The county maintains several boards and commissions which have been established by federal, state and local laws and/or Board of Commissioners' resolu



Green Macomb

Through diverse partnerships, Green Macomb is working with local municipalities, businesses, private residents and nonprofit organizations to enhance


Healthy Kids Healthy Futures

Healthy Kids Healthy Futures Coalition is a community-based chronic disease prevention coalition targeting children in Macomb County.


Macomb Business

Retain, grow and attract economic investment while improving the overall quality of life for residents and businesses in Macomb County, Michigan

Macomb County Green Schools

The intent of the Michigan Green Schools Program is to encourage students to participate in activities which help them learn about preserving natural

Mental Health Court

This program is designed to be structured, therapeutic, and hold individuals accountable in maintaining their mental health.



OneMacomb works to foster multiculturalism and inclusion in Macomb County through the arts and community engagement. Our goal is to strengthen the loc