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Aerial view of paving operations


The Permits Department manages and reviews all incoming requests for permits within the Department of Roads right of way.

Sidewalk and trees on a subdivision road.

Under the direction of Manager Robert Bush, the Permits Department manages and reviews all incoming requests for permits within the MCDR right of way. This includes issuing permits for trucking, construction, industrial and residential developments, and utilities.

The Permits Department provides permits for residential and commercial approaches, ditch enclosures, road closures, and storm, sanitary and water mains, and other types of construction within the road right of way. Daily and annual permits are also available for overweight and oversized equipment moves on all Macomb County roads and permits to bond specific roads to protect them from damage during long term construction projects.

Permit applicants can now apply, pay for, and receive transportation permits online in one easy to use platform. The Permits Department uses Oxcart Permit Systems to manage and process transportation permits.

At this time, the Department of Roads does not accept electronic submittals for commercial, residential, and utility permit applications. All permit applications must include four sets of plans and be mailed or hand delivered to:

Permits Department
Macomb County Department of Roads
117 South Groesbeck Highway
Mount Clemens, MI 48043

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact the Permits Department at 586-463-8671 or

Starting April 15, MCDR will lift the suspension of concrete and asphalt paving for commercial and residential permit projects.

To submit an application, please select one of the following permits.

The Permits Department is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) and permits are issued daily until 4 p.m. The department is closed for lunch from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Below is additional information related to permits and applications.

Permit insurance requirements

Requirements and fees

Parade and organized event route information

Banner permit requirements and information

Permit inspectors review commercial and residential work performed under permit through the Department of Roads to ensure that required specifications are met. A 48-hour notice to the Permits Department is required prior to commencing work within the Macomb County right of way. Please contact the Permits Department at 586-463-8671 to provide all work notices.

Inspection notification and scheduling will not be valid via voicemail. Customers must speak directly to Permits Department staff to ensure accuracy of the permit and to determine the impact to Macomb County’s road system.

Contractors are responsible for notifying MISS DIG at 800-482-7171 three working days in advance for utility staking. All existing public utilities must be included in the plans or project proposal. This does not relieve the contractor of responsibility should damage to utility equipment occur within the Department of Roads right of way. Refer to the current MDOT Standard Specifications for Construction for more detailed information.

If you have questions or would like additional information related to small cell wireless facilities and installation requirements and specifications, please refer to the Small Wireless Communications Facilities Deployment Act at

To help protect Macomb County roads during Michigan’s thaw cycles, weight restrictions are put into effect by MCDR, normally in early spring. Once the ground has thawed to a specific depth, typically in late March, these weight restrictions are lifted. Weight restriction start and end dates may vary due to the weather conditions.

Truck operations map

Tandem truck routes

The Permits Department oversees and inspects all new residential developments in Macomb County. The department facilitates the inspection of new subdivision road construction in all townships of Macomb County. After the construction, acceptance, and release of a subdivision road, the road and the right of way are dedicated to the Department of Roads.

All proposed private roads must be reviewed and approved by the city, village or township in which they are located. Private roads are not under MCDR jurisdiction.

Subdivision specifications

Paving standard details