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Food service plan review

New and remodeled food service establishments must submit plans to the health department for approval before construction begins.

The plan review process helps establishments save time and money by ensuring they will comply with current code and regulatory requirements. New food service establishments and existing food service establishments are required to submit necessary plans and supporting paperwork to the health department for review and approval before new construction or remodeling begins.  

In addition, facilities that have been closed for six (6) months or longer must receive approval through the plan review process to ensure the facility complies with current regulatory requirements.

Please be aware that food service establishments must have at least one, full-time certified food manager on staff before approval to open can be granted.

The plan review process can seem overwhelming at times. Take the process one step at a time and complete the paperwork as completely as possible to create the best submission for our reviewers. Instructions for submission of each type of review can be found in the fee information of each category.

Rules and regulations for food service establishments in Michigan can be found in the 2009 Michigan Modified Food code and the Michigan Food Law.


New food service establishment (full review)

Before construction of a new food service establishment, the conversion of an existing structure or a remodel of more than 50 percent of an existing food service establishment begins, the applicant shall submit the following:


Remodel (partial review)

Before work to remodel the food preparation, food handling, and food storage areas of an existing food service establishment begins, the applicant shall submit the following:

Extended vacancy

The food service establishment has been closed six (6) months or longer and there are no or very limited changes to the facility, equipment, or menu. The applicant must submit the following:


Mobile or Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU)

A mobile is defined as a food service establishment operating from a vehicle, including a watercraft that returns to a mobile food commissary for servicing and maintenance at least once every 24 hours. An STFU is defined as a temporary food establishment that is licensed to operate throughout the state without the 14 day limits or a mobile food establishment that is not required to return to a commissary.  Food trucks will be licensed as one of these two options based on their operations. The applicant must submit the following:


Site review

A site review may be needed for minor changes to a food service establishment that do not meet the definition of a remodel or for a facility that is transferring jurisdiction from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to the Macomb County Health Department. Examples of changes to a facility may include the installation of a dishmachine or the replacement of a hot water tank for a tankless hot water system. The applicant must submit the following:


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