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Food service licensing

State law requires a facility that prepares or serves food or drink to the general public to be licensed as a food service establishment.

For licensing and fee purposes, food service establishments are classified as follows:

  • Fixed food - Food service establishment that operates from a stationary facility/location.
  • Mobile food - Food service establishment that operates from a vehicle, watercraft, or cart that moves from location to location. Facilities licensed as a mobile must return to a licensed mobile food commissary every 24 hours.
  • Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU) - A moveable food service establishment that is licensed to operate throughout the state and is not required to return to a commissary. STFU's are required to request and pay for two (2) operational inspections every license year. STFU's are also required to submit a written notice of intent to operate to the local health department where they intend to set up their operation.
  • Temporary food - Food service establishment that operates at a fixed location for a temporary period not to exceed 14 consecutive days.


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