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Aerial view of paving operations


The Traffic Department monitors and manages all traffic activities for the Department of Roads.

Vehicles traveling through 23 Mile Road intersection.

The Department of Roads is equipped to monitor, manage, and respond to everything from a routine traffic crash to an escalating emergency event, allowing Macomb County to deliver a safe, efficient, and informative traveling experience to the motoring public.

Under the direction of John Abraham, Director of Traffic and Operations, the Traffic Department operates, monitors, and manages all traffic activities and devices at the Department of Roads Traffic Operations Center (TOC):

  • Monitors road conditions for the public, motorists, and first responders.
  • Monitors real-time traffic flow, signal operations, and emergency responses to incidents on the roadways.
  • Manages the installation and maintenance of all traffic control devices in Macomb County, including traffic signs, signals, and pavement markings.
  • Conducts traffic studies and analysis to promote the safe, efficient, and orderly movement of all road users.
  • Works closely with the Engineering Department to ensure that new roadways are built with the appropriate safety specifications and traffic configurations.

By analyzing data and implementing the latest traffic and safety technologies, Macomb County is leading the way with the use of state of the art communication networks, vehicle and mobility detection, traffic monitoring, and connected vehicle technology to deliver a high-performing county road system.

COMTEC is a 25,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility that provides situational awareness to the Department of Roads, Sheriff Dispatch, the Information Technology Department, and the Emergency Management and Communications Department. Macomb County strategically placed these departments at COMTEC to maximize resources and enhance services.

As a central location that is operable 24 hours a day, seven days a week, COMTEC has the ability to monitor, manage, prevent, protect against, and respond to any type of emergency situation.

COMTEC facilities include:

  • County-wide Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • 20’ x 50’ video wall
  • Eight traffic monitoring stations
  • 25 Sheriff and police dispatch stations
  • Centralized IT data center
  • Emergency generator backup power
  • Computer lab and training room facility
  • Integrated communications and technologies (radio, voice, data, and video)

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Under the direction of MCDR, the TOC serves as the centralized hub of activity for the operation, maintenance, and monitoring of Macomb County’s deployments of advanced traffic signal systems, cameras, and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) communications network.

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Traffic signs in storage ready for installation.

Under the direction of the Traffic Department, the Sign Department installs and maintains all the traffic control signs, guardrails, and pavement markings. The department manages the painting of all roads under the jurisdiction of MCDR and maintains more than 60,000 traffic control signs.

When critical signs, such as stop signs, are damaged or knocked down, the Sign Department is dispatched to replace or reinstall signs. To report a downed or damaged sign, call 586-463-8671.

Department of Roads truck performing traffic signal repair work.

Under the direction of the Traffic Department, the Signal Department installs and maintains all of the more than 1,000 electrical traffic control devices in Macomb County, including signals located on local and state roads.

The Signal Department routinely changes all light bulbs in traffic signals to prevent bulbs from burning out unexpectedly and performs routine maintenance and operation checks at each intersection to ensure that all equipment is operating properly. To report an issue with a traffic signal, call 586-463-8671.

Speed Limit 55 sign.

Speed limits provide motorists, law enforcement, and traffic courts with information on reasonable and safe speeds that facilitate the safe, orderly flow of traffic under normal conditions. Speed limits are established by state laws and traffic engineering studies, which analyze road conditions, crash history, and prevailing speeds along the road.

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North Avenue mast arm traffic signal.

Traffic signals are an indispensable part of Macomb County’s modern road system. When used properly, signals allow for safe, convenient, and efficient travel by reducing crashes and minimizing unnecessary delays to road users. As the region’s population and traffic volume continues to grow, MCDR is committed to enhancing our transportation network to support the long-term needs of Macomb County's residents, businesses, and communities.

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Traffic stop sign.

A stop sign is one of the most valuable and effective traffic control devices when used at the proper location under proper conditions. Stop signs are intended to help drivers and pedestrians at an intersection decide who has the right of way.

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