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Aerial view of paving operations


Department of Roads department information and resources.

Maintaining safe and reliable travel

Aerial view of traffic traveling on Mound Road.

The Department of Roads is responsible for the maintenance and management of more than:

  • 1,700 miles of roadway
  • 225 bridges
  • 500 culverts
  • 900 traffic signals, including advanced traffic signal systems
  • 300 traffic cameras
  • 60,000 signs

MCDR and its departments work relentlessly to ensure safe and reliable travel for all road users.

  • Manage construction and maintenance of Macomb County roadways.
  • Engineer and design all road and bridge projects under the jurisdiction of Macomb County.
  • Plan, develop, and implement Macomb County road programs.
  • Manage service requests, patching, pothole repair, grading, dust control, and other road maintenance.
  • Manage snow and ice removal operations.
  • Oversee and inspect all incoming requests for permits within the roads right of way.
  • Provide permits for residential, commercial, and other construction within the roads right of way.
  • Monitor real-time traffic flow, signal operations, and manage emergency responses to incidents on the roadways.
  • Monitor road conditions for the department, residents, motorists, and first responders.
  • Deliver a safe, efficient, and reliable traveling experience and road system for all Macomb County road users.