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Aerial view of paving operations

Traffic Operations Center (TOC)

The TOC operates, maintains, and monitors Macomb County's traffic signals, cameras, and transportation communications network.

Traffic Operations Center video board and traffic operations engineers.

Under the direction of the Department of Roads, the TOC serves as the central hub for the operation, maintenance, and monitoring of Macomb County’s advanced traffic signal systems, cameras, and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) communications network.

The TOC provides and maintains a reliable real-time traffic operations system to deliver a safe, efficient, and informative traveling experience to the public. TOC operations include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring real-time traffic flow
  • Signal operations
  • Emergency responses to incidents on the roadways
  • Special event coordination

By analyzing data and implementing the latest traffic and safety technologies, Macomb County is leading the way with the use of state of the art communication networks, vehicle and mobility detection, traffic monitoring, and connected vehicle technology to deliver a high-performing county road system.

Using data and the latest traffic and safety technologies, TOC operations technicians, traffic operations engineers, and IT/ITS technicians work collaboratively to maximize the performance of Macomb County’s transportation network.

The TOC produces monthly performance reports that provide data and meaningful statistics related to traffic operations, ITS device maintenance, IT, traveler experience, and camera coverage.

Traffic operations performance metrics

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