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Maternal child health home visiting

Nurses provide education and support at home visits to pregnant people, infants, young children and their families, with a focus on having healthy families.

The Macomb County Health Department offers three different home visiting programs:

When you enroll in one of our home visiting programs you will be paired with your own personal nurse to help you and your baby stay healthy.  Your nurse will design home visits to meet your family’s needs and discuss topics such as:

  • Pregnancy, labor and delivery
  • Breastfeeding and nutrition
  • Building a strong network of support
  • Community resources such as housing, transportation, childcare and much more!

Who is eligible?

Nurse-Family Partnership

  • First-time pregnant people, who are less than 28 weeks pregnant, meet income requirements and live in Macomb County.

Maternal Infant Health Program

  • Pregnant people, infants and their families who are Medicaid-eligible and live in Macomb County. Maternal Infant Health Program nurses also offer Early On services.

Public Health Nursing

  • Pregnant people and families with infants and young children who live in Macomb County.  Public Health Nurses also offer Early On services, case management for children with elevated lead levels and infant safe sleep presentations.

Additional resources

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