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Fee schedule

Environmental health fees for services, permits, and licenses.

The Environmental Health fee schedule is updated each year and contains the charges for our difference services, permits, and licenses. The fees below are in effect Jan. 1, 2024 through Dec. 31, 2024.

Plan review - new facility $193
Plan review - remodel (existing licensed facility)       $96

Number of sites  
1-25 $426
26-50 $509
51-75 $593
76-100 $372
101-500 $481
501+ $885


Fixed food license  
Number of seats  
0-30 $414
31-50 $492
51-100 $531
101-150 $607
150+ $722
Schools $254
Non-Profit $76
Veterans Call for fee


Temporary food service licenses*  
5 days or more before event $149
Non-profit/veterans $145
4 days or less before event $275
Non-profit/veterans $271

*Temporary food applications and fees must be received at least one (1) full business day prior to the event to allow for processing. Applicants applying less than one (1) full business day will not be inspected or given approval to operate.

Plan review  
Full - new construction/conversion $770
Each additional identical plan $124
Partial - existing food establishment    $384
Extended vacancy/site review $230
Special transitory food unit $323
Mobile food unit $323




Other food licenses  
Mobile $331
Mobile - non-profit/veterans $306
Special transitory food unit (STFU) $155
STFU non-profit $116
STFU veterans $5
STFU inspections (including veterans)       $90


Soil evaluation $230
Re-evaluation $123/hr
Septic permit - new $462
Septic permit - repair      $142
Permit  modification $179
Plan review (engineered, semi-public, or commercial septic systems)  $670
Plat review $2,309
Each lot $155

Macomb County Residents have two (2) options for conducting a property transfer evaluation. You can select a private company from our list of registered evaluators who can conduct one or both of the evaluations that may be required for your property (well and/or septic systems). Or you can request that the Macomb County Health Department conducts the evaluation. 

Macomb County registered evaluator Contact a registered evaluator for their fee
Health Department well system evaluation (includes bacteriological and partial chemical water testing) $253
Health Department septic system evaluation (does not include pumping of tank) $363
Registered evaluators only  
Report processing $82
Evaluator registration $208
Water supply system evaluator training $616
Septic system evaluator training $616
Combined evaluator training $1,078

Swimming pool inspection $230

Permit Type New Repair/Replacement
Residential well $488 $144
Type III public well (small apartment complex, small commercial) $642 $203
Non-community Type IIA well (greater than 20,000 GPD) $641 $471
Non-community Type IIB well (less than 20,000 GPD) $576 $347
The above fees include bacteriological, arsenic, and partial chemical water tests     
Non-community delinquent water sample $202  

Arsenic $20
Bacteriological $25
Bacteriological re-sample $25
Lead and copper $28
Metals $94
Partial chemical     $20
Semi-volatile organic chemicals (SOCs) $368
Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) $102


Complete listing of EGLE Lab well water tests (please add $2/sample for shipping)

Contact the Environmental Health Services Division