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Conflicts and presumptives

Brief description of military conflicts, combats, theaters and their unique presumptives.

Conflicts and  Presumptives

Veterans served during different eras, conflicts and locations, because of this, benefits will not look the same. There are presumptive conditions related to certain locations to which you served.  For instance, Agent Orange, Gulf/Iraqi War, Burn Pits and Camp Lejune each have different criteria for benefits.  Veterans Services is is here to help you navigate and simplify this process.

The Camp Lejeune Act that was recently passed (2022) lists presumptive conditions for veterans. Veterans would have to had served 30 cumulative days from August 1953 to December 1987 to qualify. The PACT Act opened up a window of time for civil law suits against the government.  It created 22 new presumptives to toxic waste exposure, two new presumptive conditions for Agent Orange exposure and added new presumptives locations for Gulf and Vietnam War veterans. This law change applies to family members that are effected by the contaminated water who lived or worked on Camp Lejeune.  

Please select the conflict(s) or era to which you served for information regarding their unique presumptives.  

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