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Health Department data and reports

The Macomb County Health Department collects, analyzes, and disseminates many different kinds of statistics on the health status and wellbeing of Macomb County residents.

Community reports

Macomb County Opioid Community Health Assessment

The Macomb County Opioid Community Health Assessment Report provides the community and stakeholders with information and data regarding opioid mortality. This information is utilized to make recommendations for improving local social services agencies, health care organizations, and coalitions in the community regarding the opioid response.

Macomb County Baby Carrier Pilot Project

The Baby Carrier Project involved training WIC staff on the importance of safety, how to use infant carriers, and how to teach caregivers how to safely use the carrier. This document contains the project’s planning, implementation, and results of the program.

Explore breast feeding in Macomb County

The Macomb County Health Department recognizes that breastfeeding is the optimum choice for infant feeding and understands that in order to support women in their decision to breastfeed, it is important to identify any potential barriers and work to dismantle them. 

In 2015, the Macomb County Health Department began the process of conducting a Community Health Assessment and a Community Health Improvement Plan. We want to thank all of our committed community partners who worked tirelessly on helping us to complete these reports as well as our staff who did so much of the behind the scenes work.

In 2020, MCHD will begin its second Community Health Assessment. You can find historical and current Community Health Assessment information and resources on our dedicated website:

Community Health Assessment 

Mortality information

Population information

Car seat safety and traffic accident information coming in 2020.

Michigan Traffic Crash Facts 

The Macomb County Behavioral Risk Factor Survey (BRFS) is a telephone survey of Macomb County residents and is the only source of county-specific, population-based estimates of the prevalence of various health behaviors, medical conditions, and preventive health care practices. The data is presented by age group, gender, race, education level and household income level. These results are used by health agencies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations and others to develop and evaluate programs that promote the health of Macomb County citizens.

Michigan Survey Results: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Survey annual reports


National Survey Results:

Macomb County Health Department utilizes a performance management system to ensure achievement of its mission, strategic plan and community health improvement plan. We want to know how well we and our partners are performing so we can adjust public health strategies accordingly.  Performance management scorecards are linked on our MCHD Performance Management web page.

Individuals may request data from Macomb County Health Department (MCHD) by completing this form. MCHD reserves the right to deny any data requests based on available resources and confidentiality standards. It may not be possible to release data at the town level, depending on the data set, the size of the city/town, and whether or not it would be acceptable to have multiple years of data combined, because of the need to maintain confidentiality.

All data requests require at least 10 business days to process. Large or complex requests will require a longer time frame for completion. MCHD recommends starting requests for confidential data a minimum of 60 days prior to the project start date.

This is not equivalent to either a FOIA or records request for your personal health information.

MCHD does not provide data entry, data collection, data cleaning, data coding, or data transcription services.


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