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The Macomb County Clerk's Office has times available for inspection of Genealogy records

  • TIMES: The Macomb County Clerk's Office has made the following times available for inspection of Genealogy records: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9 - 11:30 a.m.
  • FEES: We issue only certified copies of records. The first copy is $15, while each additional same record copy is $5.
  • RECORDS AVAILABLE: Records must be 100 years old and occurred in Macomb County. Anyone who searches records or requests copies will need to provide identification (i.e. driver's license or state identification).

Birth records in our office date from 1867. Records of births that occurred 100 or more years ago are open to public inspection and can be obtained by anyone. Birth records less than 100 years old are not open to public inspection, but they can be obtained if the person on the birth record is deceased and both proof of death and proof of relationship to the deceased are shown.

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Death records can only be searched by the name of the deceased and date of death. Only Indexes for death records can be viewed from 1867 through 1933. Death records from 1934 through 1958 are stored off-site and there is a two-day delay for these records to be shipped to our Office. Death records filed in our office are from 1958 to present and can only be verified by a Deputy Clerk by computer. Death records from 1958 to present are not available for viewing, but a certified copy can be obtained.

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Marriage records from 1819 through 1925 are open for inspection. Indexes for marriage records from 1819 through 1962 can be viewed. Records from 1926 to present are not open for viewing, but a certified copy can be obtained.

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Records from World War I to present are free if the customer has a letter from the Veterans Administration indicating that they are the veteran. Picture identification (driver's license) must be shown for proof of identity. If a DD214 is to be picked up on behalf of the veteran, a notarized written letter giving permission must be provided to the Clerk's Office. If the veteran is deceased, a family member must show a death certificate and their relationship to the veteran before the record is released.

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