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PPO assistance center

Information on how to apply for a Personal Protection Order in Macomb County

The Macomb County Clerk and Turning Point, Inc., applied for a grant to help fund and establish the Personal Protection Order (PPO) Assistance Center. The PPO Assistance Center helps citizens complete the PPO forms which assists the circuit court staff in processing the forms quickly and helps judges in determining whether to grant the request.

Personal Protection Order FAQs

Notice: Effective June 13, 2018 all new Personal Protection Orders will be required to be electronically filed through "MiFILE." Please call the PPO Office for questions or assistance -- 586-469-7494

What is a PPO (Personal Protection Order)?

In a Personal Protection Order (PPO), the court orders an individual to stop threats or violence against you. According to the court rules, the proceeding to obtain an order is called a “personal protection action.” The following describes the three types of PPOs:

(1) Domestic PPO – when the person you want protection from is:

  • Your spouse or former spouse
  • Someone with whom you have a child in common
  • Someone you are dating or used to date
  • Someone who lives now or has ever lived in the same household as you

You must demonstrate to the Court that this person is interfering with your personal liberty or has threatened to or has committed violence against you.

(2) Non-Domestic Stalking PPO – when the person you want protection from has engaged in a pattern of two or more non-continuous acts, without your consent, that make you feel threatened, harassed, frightened, or molested.

(3) Non-Domestic Sexual Assault PPO – when the person you want protection from has been convicted of sexual assault against you or subjected you to, threatened you with, or placed you in reasonable apprehension of sexual assault, or if you are a minor child furnished you with obscene material.

  • Note:  You may not get a PPO against your minor child. Likewise, a minor child cannot obtain a PPO against a biological parent (unless emancipated). In these cases, contact the Juvenile Division of the Macomb County Circuit Court at 586-469-5195.

Personal Protection Order FAQs

CLICK HERE to download "How to Get a Personal Protection Order in Macomb County Circuit Court" (pdf document)

CLICK HERE for Personal Protection Order FAQs

CLICK HERE to access SCAO Approved Forms for Use in Personal Protection Proceedings

CLICK HERE for Request for a Hearing

CLICK HERE for Motion to Enter a Personal Protection Order (use only if ex-parte PPO denied)

CLICK HERE for Personal Protection Order Verified Statement (must complete with all domestic PPO petitions)

What is a PPO?

Who can get a PPO?

How do I serve a PPO?

What if the respondent violates the PPO?



Personal Protection Order Assistance Center
40 N. Main St., 1st Floor, Mount Clemens, MI 48043

Phone: 586-469-7494



Turning Point, Inc.
P.O. Box 1123, Mount Clemens, MI 48046
Sharman Davenport, CEO/President
Phone: 586-463-4430 Fax: 586-463-1771
24-Hour Crisis Line: 586-463-6990
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program: 586-463-6990
Second Hand Rose Resale Shop: 586-468-3083