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Let's go fishing

Grab a hat and some fishing gear because there is over 430-square-miles of freshwater to explore in Lake St. Clair.

With an average depth of 10 feet and maximum depth of 21 feet, Lake St. Clair is hailed as a magnificent fishing destination, helped by its location within the Great Lakes basin.

This renowned waterway is home to one of the best fisheries in North America. Small-mouth bass, large-mouth bass, musky, yellow perch, walleye, muskellunge and more can be found swimming within these nutrient-rich depths. 

The best way to fish in Lake St. Clair is by renting a fishing charter. Look for charter options in and around Macomb County:

Ice and shoreline fishing are other methods to reel in your catch. Macomb County is home to many piers, including the recently completed Blossom Heath Pier extension in St. Clair Shores. 

Another way to fish is by kayak. See kayak rental companies and paddling routes below.

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