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Know your Macomb County drains

A deep dive in to the history of Macomb County drains.

There are 475 drains in Macomb County. They range from massive underground pipes that start just north of Eight Mile Road, to meandering country creeks that cross Boardman Road and wander in to St. Clair County. A few originate west of Dequindre Road in Oakland County. They all eventually carry storm water – rain fall and melting snow – that eventually ends up in Lake St. Clair.

The Macomb County Public Works Office, created as the Macomb County Drain Commission in 1906, is responsible for the proper operation of these drains, ensuring that storm water ends up in the Lake – not in the basements and businesses of Macomb County. Many of our drains were officially established in the 1800s, named for the families who homesteaded the early communities of our County. Many others were constructed in the population boom of the post-World War II era.

Under the direction of Commissioner Candice Miller, the MCPWO has launched a new initiative to bring a robust maintenance program to our drain system. Oftentimes, MCPWO works in partnership with one or more of the County’s 27 cities, villages or townships to address a specific area of concern.

Commissioner Miller has created a new video program, Know Your Macomb County Drains, which will highlight drains around the community, allowing residents to learn a bit about these important pieces of our infrastructure and some of the history behind them.