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MIDD 15 Mile and Garfield

Sewer Rehabilitation Project

July 2024 Segment 6 Project Update

We all remember the sinkhole that occurred on 15 Mile Road in December 2016, when we experienced a major sewer interceptor collapse. You may have been a resident in 2004 when there was also a sinkhole on 15 Mile Road or even remember the one in 1978. Obviously, none of us ever want another sinkhole.

After fixing the 2016 sinkhole, my department did a comprehensive inspection of the entire system and – no surprise – it needs some rehabilitation and maintenance work. We have undertaken that work with a project that is currently underway in these locations:

  • Under the transmission corridors in the ITC corridor, west of Schoenherr Road
  • Along 15 Mile between Simon Drive and Bobcean Road
  • Along 15 Mile between Hayes Road and Morningdale Drive

A couple of additional traffic control required by the work that will be happening soon:

  • The current closure of one lane of 15 Mile between Simon Drive and Bobcean Road will be extended west to Garfield Road. Additionally, the northbound curb lane of Garfield Road will be closed starting just south of 15 Mile Road and extending just north of 15 Mile Road.
  • Please note: two-way traffic on 15 Mile will be maintained at all times with one eastbound lane, one westbound lane and a center turn lane.

The additional closures will be implemented this month and extend through May 2023. We are committed to investing and maintaining our underground infrastructure for future generations, and we are also committed to ensuring we never have another infrastructure disaster along 15 Mile.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience during the construction period. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Keith Lumma with the Macomb County Public Works Office at or 586-469-5325.