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Malvern Lane Closures

In-system storage project

Malvern Letter

November 9, 2023

8 1/2 Mile In-System Storage Project - Malvern Lane Closures

Dear Residents:

When almost 4 inches of rain fell in June of 2021 on Eastpointe and St. Clair Shores, our staff at the Chapaton Pump Station on Nine Mile Road at Jefferson Avenue worked hard to manage the flow of combined sanitary sewage and storm water runoff and were able to prevent basement flooding in thousands of homes.

While preventing basement flooding is always the goal during heavy rain events, sewer systems and open-channel drains are not capable of handling the intensity and length of severe rainstorms.In that storm event, parts of northeast Detroit and the Grosse Pointes were hit with 6-8 inches of rain, and flooding was extensive and costly.

During significant rain events, combined sewer overflows are chemically treated to kill E-coli bacteria before being discharged into Lake St. Clair. These CSO’s are permitted by the state but they have gone on for decades. No longer should we be pushing this problem onto future generations.

To help reduce CSO’s, the Macomb County Public Works Office has begun construction of a vital infrastructure project. Known as an “In-System Storage project” in the drainage district serving all of Eastpointe and most of St. Clair Shores, it will use existing infrastructure by installing an inflatable bladder inside the large interceptor pipe far below the surface.

When inflated, the bladder will permit combined sewer flow to be “stored” upstream and released as needed to maintain flow without creating an increased risk of basement flooding. The purpose of increased storage capacity is to reduce combined sewer overflows and discharges of CSO’s into our beautiful Lake St. Clair. Water quality equals quality of life, and this important project is one step to help us to better protect the lake and the environment. This important project can help reduce CSO’s from the Chapaton Retention Basin.

We have been successful in obtaining funds from state and county sources so there will not be any rate increases to the residents of either Eastpointe or St. Clair Shores for this $10 million project, which is great news.

The reason we are doing this project is to protect water quality. Clean water is a common goal that we all share. Also, we want to notify you about construction activity associated with this project that are soon to be underway and which will impact motorists:

  • Installation of flow monitoring devices and ventilation on Malvern Street, near the intersection of Liberty Street in St. Clair Shores. This equipment will primarily reside below grade upon completion and will allow operators to better manage combined sanitary sewage and storm water runoff within the collection system.
  • To install this equipment, a portion of Malvern Street and the greenbelt on the east side of Malvern Street will need to be temporarily excavated. This work is scheduled to begin on Monday November 27, 2023 and take approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Some detour signs and equipment staging may begin prior to the road closure date.
  • During this excavation, Malvern Street will be temporarily closed, just north of Liberty Street. Attached is a map showing the road closure section as well as a detour route for local traffic.

We appreciate your support and cooperation for this important project! If you have any questions, please contact Steve Rozycki at or by phone at 586-696-0235.



Candice S Miller signature

Candice S. Miller

Macomb County Public Works Commissioner