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MIDD Odor & Corrosion Projects

Projects to protect concrete pipes from further degradation caused by corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas and to reduce sewer odor in the MIDD district.

MID Odor & Corrosion Control Facilities Project Overview The Macomb Interceptor Drain completed a system-wide odor and corrosion study to evaluate the need for additional odor and corrosion control facilities to mitigate corrosion induced degradation of the interceptor and nuisance odors emitting from the interceptor near homes, businesses and public spaces. This effort is concentrated on extending the useful life of the interceptor and reducing nuisance odors emitting from the interceptor.

The study identified the need to construct three new odor and corrosion control facilities. Additionally, it was determined that the existing open-bed woodchip media type Fraser Bio-Filter would be more efficient and effective if converted to an enclosed bio-filter with an engineered media. The locations of the new facilities were determined through analysis and computer modeling using data that was collected in the field during the study phase. The facilities are intended to complement one another to reduce hydrogen sulfide induced corrosion and to filter the air extracted from the Interceptor at controlled locations to mitigate nuisance odors.