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Juvenile Justice Center

Juvenile Justice Center services

Juvenile Justice Center services


Health Services

Juvenile Justice Center - Correctional Care Solutions 400 North Rose

Mount Clemens, MI 48043

Health Services Direct Number: 586-469-6551

The Juvenile Justice Center medical services are provided by highly trained healthcare providers who specialize and are accredited in correctional healthcare. All youth placed in the facility undergo an initial health screening at the time of admission. All youth also receive a physical examination including a tuberculosis screening following admission. Medical professionals are on site 7 days per week to dispense medications, respond to routine sick calls, and complete health screenings and physicals. All medical treatment is under the supervision of a licensed physician. Youths placed in long-term residential treatment will be provided with routine dental care dispensed by a visiting dental provider.

If a resident placed in short-term detention is required to take a prescription medication the Court may arrange for the parent to deliver medication to the facility. Once received, the medical staff will work diligently to verify the medication, obtain needed parental consent and ensure the medication is administered as prescribed.

In the event of a medical emergency youth are transported to a local hospital.

Food services program

The Juvenile Justice Center participates in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program, which ensures that the nutritional quality of meals meets minimum requirements. Meals are prepared on-site in a commercial kitchen staffed by food service professionals. Residents receive three balanced meals and a snack each day. The facility’s policies prohibit the withholding of food as a form of punishment or to induce behavior. Special medical dietary needs can be accommodated upon the direction of the facility medical staff.

Local wellness policy

Local wellness policy public participation

Summer food program - Meet up and Eat up

Mental health services 

The Juvenile Justice Center does provide on-site mental health services for youth placed in both the short-term detention program and long-term treatment program. The Center psychologist primarily addresses the emergent needs of detention residents including crisis management. Youth placed in residential treatment receive and are required to participate in ongoing therapy with the center therapists. The treatment program also require that families participate in therapy with the on-site Therapists. Youth placed in the long-term residential programs may also be evaluated by the contract Psychiatrist to determine if medication is clinically indicated. The contracted psychiatrist will meet with the youth and parents on a regular basis to re-evaluate medications.