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Juvenile Justice Center

Juvenile Justice Center quality assurance

Responding to young peo­ple who come into con­tact with law enforce­ment and are accused of break­ing the law.

Quality assurance

The Juvenile Justice Center works to ensure that youth and families receive the highest quality services from our staff and providers with the goal of providing programs that adhere to the known principles of effective interventions and programs. The following systems are in place to provide mechanisms for evaluation and documenting the effectiveness of services.

  • Michigan Department of Human Services Licensing and Annual Inspections
  • Michigan Department of Education National School Lunch and Breakfast Program
  • Nutrition and Wellness Compliance and Audits monitored by the Michigan Department of Education
  • Correctional health care audits
  • Resident grievance procedure
  • Parent/public grievance procedure
  • Residential treatment orientation and assessment process
  • Staff evaluation system
  • Staff training and certification program
  • Onsite staff training and safety coordinator
  • Use of evidence-based programming
  • Utilization of best practices as supported by state and national juvenile justice organizations
  • Agency membership in state and national professional organizations 
  • Juvenile Justice Center Safety and Risk Management Committee
  • Prison Rape Elimination Act
  • Resident/staff advisory board