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Public health newsletter

Welcome to the Public Health Macomb newsletter – from the Macomb County Health Department. This newsletter highlights public health services that are available to Macomb County residents through the Health Department. It is our hope that by sharing this information, you will take advantage of these offerings and make Macomb County a healthier place to live, work, and play.

Public Health newsletter


January 2024

Happy New Year, and welcome to the January issue of the Public Health Macomb newsletter – from the Macomb County Health Department. This newsletter highlights public health services that are available to Macomb County residents through the Health Department. It is our hope that by sharing this information, you will take advantage of these offerings and make Macomb County a healthier place to live, work, and play. 

Take care and stay safe.



Important Things to Know

Helping Keep Food Safe

Helping Keep Food Safe – The Food Safety Program at the Macomb County Health Department provides services to assure consumers that the food prepared and served in Macomb County’s licensed food establishments is wholesome and safe. Throughout the year Health Department staff facilitate food service licensing, inspections of establishments, and education/certification for staff at the establishments.

In addition to working with licensed food establishments, the Health Department also investigates illnesses connected with licensed food service establishments in Macomb County. If you believe you have a foodborne illness, call the Health Department’s Environmental Health Services Division at 586-469-5236, or you can send an email to




january is radon action month

 January is Radon Action Month –  Radon is a colorless and odorless radioactive gas. It is formed during the breakdown of uranium, which is found in nearly all soils and rock. Radon ranks among the most serious environmental health problems facing our nation today. In fact, Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers in America and claims the lives of about 21,000 Americans each year. The only way to know whether your home has elevated radon levels is to test your home. It is recommended you test your home for radon every 2 years. For more information go to

While supplies last, test kits are available at the Macomb County Health Department free of charge. Individuals must call ahead to reserve their test kit. The kits are only available at the Health Department office in Mount Clemens located at 43525 Elizabeth Road. To reserve your test kit for pickup, call 586-469-5236 during our normal business hours of 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.



community health planning underway

Community Health Planning Underway in Macomb County – The Healthy Macomb Advisory Committee, a group of over 25 partner organizations and local residents, has been hard at work on the next cycle of community health planning for Macomb County. Results will guide MCHD and its partners in improving the health of those who live, work, or play in Macomb County over the next five years. Healthy Macomb Advisory Committee members include partners from community organizations, healthcare, social services, education, and nonprofit sectors. The committee met from 2020-2023 to identify existing resources, review data on residents’ health, and examine factors affecting health in Macomb County. The committee’s findings are summarized in the 2022-2023 Community Health Assessment.

The committee identified three priority areas for Macomb County

  • Chronic disease and healthy lifestyle
  • Behavioral health and substance use
  • Built environment and social determinants of health

With these priority areas in mind, the committee drafted the 2024-2028 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The CHIP outlines goals and action steps for the next five years. The overarching goal of the CHIP is health equity, where all people in Macomb County have a fair and just opportunity to reach their full potential for health. For more information on community health planning or to join CHIP workgroups, visit the Community Health Assessment website.



looking for a spring summer internship

Looking for a spring/summer internship in public health? – The Macomb County Health Department (MCHD) offers student internships and practicums to graduate and undergraduate students. Through the internships students gain on-the-job training and real-world experience. They get the chance to apply what is learned in the classroom to an actual work environment under the direction of public health professionals.

The types of internships MCHD offers depends on internship area of focus, affiliation-agreement with the University, and availability of Macomb County Health Department staff. Some of the focus areas are Health Information/Policy, Informatics, Nursing, and Environmental Health.

Students seeking an internship must submit the following documents for consideration: student application, cover letter, resume, current unofficial school transcript, and a copy of university practicum guidelines. The cover letter should detail the types of projects, practicums, and experiences required to fulfill the internship. All applications must be received two months prior to the desired start date of the internship. All interns must be 18 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or GED.

MCHD follows and meets the U.S. Department of Labor “Fair Labor Standards Act” (FLSA).

For more information on criteria and guidelines, please visit public health students at MCHD.



home visiting program spotlight

Home Visiting Program Spotlight : Maternal Infant Health Program – The Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) is for Medicaid-eligible pregnant people, infants up to 1 year old, and their families. MIHP providers help pregnant women and families with newborns understand how to stay healthy. All pregnant people, infants, and their families enrolled in MIHP have care plans developed just for them. A nurse and social worker design visits to meet the family’s needs and discuss topics such as: building a strong network of support, pregnancy, labor and delivery, breastfeeding and nutrition, infant growth and development, community resources such as housing, transportation, childcare and much more!

Referrals for participation in the MIHP program can be made here. To learn more about MIHP call 586-465-8429 or email



communicable disease surveillance

Communicable Disease Surveillance – The Communicable Disease and Surveillance program at the Macomb County Health Department plays a vital role in monitoring and reporting infectious disease in our communities and beyond. The program relies on the timely reporting of both diagnosed and suspected communicable diseases by physicians, health care providers, schools and laboratories. There are currently 79 reportable diseases in Michigan. When a healthcare provider in Macomb County identifies a patient with any of the reportable conditions, they are required to report the diagnosis to MCHD to help monitor the health of the community and provide preventive actions as necessary. The cooperation and prompt required reporting by physicians, laboratory scientists, infection preventionists, schools and other providers allows for timely action by local and state public health personnel. Some of the benefits of this teamwork include:

  • Identification of outbreaks and epidemics
  • Enabling preventive measures and/or education
  • Successful targeting of prevention programs, identification of care needs, and efficient use of resources
  • Evaluation of the success of long-term control efforts



partner spotlight senior services

Partner Spotlight: Macomb County Office of Senior Services – The Macomb County Office of Senior Services serves as a supportive resource for the elderly community. In the past year, this department has created many programs to assist seniors.

They have implemented special programs that involve engaging with the community, and collaborating with other organizations to alleviate feelings of loneliness among seniors and enhance their sense of belonging.

The office continues to advocate for seniors' rights and provide them with valuable information to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.

The office has achieved notable milestones, positively impacting the lives of numerous seniors and their families.

The Macomb County Office of Senior Services is excited about continuing its mission to ensure that the seniors they assist experience dignity, connection, and happiness during their "golden years." For more information, you can explore their website


upcoming events image



Stay current. Get connected. – Have you ever visited the Commonwealth events and resources website?  Commonwealth provides information on upcoming events, workshops, and educational opportunities that are sponsored by local agencies, organizations and municipalities in Macomb County and southeast Michigan. Many of the activities posted on Commonwealth free. Check it out.




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About the Macomb County Health Department

The Macomb County Health Department provides a wide range of programs and services through five major divisions: The Environmental Health Services/Emergency Preparedness Division, which includes restaurant inspection, community health and safety, shelter, waste, water quality management, and emergency preparedness; the Family Health Services Division, which includes immunization, family planning, and other family and maternal/child health programs; the Community Health Planning and Promotion which includes health education, nutrition, and community-based chronic disease prevention, hearing and vision screening, Children's Special Health Care Services and WIC, and our Disease Control Division which is responsible for disease surveillance and control programs; and the Medical Examiner's Office


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