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Nutrition information

WIC is on a mission to change lives. There is a large variety of nutrition topics to choose from, designed just for you.

WIC is more than free nutritious food. WIC is on a mission to change lives by providing families with opportunities to learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits for the whole family.  

Nutrition education

The science of nutrition is exciting and always evolving. We can help you keep up. We know that children who are taught healthy eating habits early on will grow up to be healthier adults. Nutrition education is an important aspect of the WIC program; it's what makes us different. WIC participants are provided nutrition education in a number of different ways:

  • You may be scheduled for a return visit with the registered dietitian for solutions to more complex concerns
  • You may be scheduled for an informal class on topics like breastfeeding, or healthy snacks for kids
  • You may be scheduled to visit our nutrition education mall (we like to call it Quick WIC) where you can learn about the nutrition topic of your choice at your own pace

You can save time and complete your nutrition education activity online by visiting an amazing website created just for WIC families:

WIC Health

WIC health

Over 1 million WIC families in the U.S. have used this wonderful resource. There is a large variety of nutrition topics to choose from, designed just for you. Parents and caregivers who complete a nutrition education lesson on this site can email their completed certificate to us directly at Once your emailed certificate is received, the WIC staff will contact  you to load your next set of WIC benefits. WIC can do this right over the phone!  (Always be sure to let us know when your phone number changes.)


Contact WIC

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For breastfeeding questions call 586-469-6062