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Food benefits

WIC eligible family members will receive WIC food benefits and a Michigan WIC EBT card during their initial visit to the WIC clinic.

Michigan WIC EBT card

WIC red bridge card image

The Michigan WIC EBT card contains a magnetic strip with your account information, and is used like a debit card at local grocery stores. Transactions are discreet; most other customers will think you are using a cash card.

Your family's WIC food benefits will be automatically deposited in your account until your next WIC visit. Most families receive three months’ worth of benefits before their next WIC clinic visit.

You will use your Michigan WIC EBT card to purchase your WIC food benefits at WIC stores that display the “Michigan WIC EBT Card Accepted Here Sign”.

Please visit any of the following:

WIC Client Connect

Michigan WIC is excited that the WIC Connect Mobile App is available to current WIC clients, and to allow people interested in the WIC program to check if they are eligible. The WIC Connect Mobile App is available for free in the App Store™ and Google Play™. Learn about all the features the app has to offer, and scan the QR codes below to download the mobile app today!

Contact WIC

Phone:  586-469-5471


For breastfeeding questions call 586-469-6062