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County offices closed June 19th

Macomb County offices will be closed on Wednesday, June 19th in observance of Juneteenth. Online services are available 24/7.

Cooling Centers

Looking for a place to escape the extreme heat? Cooling centers are available across Macomb County.

Friend of the Court

SMILE program

FOC - Start making It Livable for Everyone (SMILE)

Each year there are many Macomb County marriages that will end in divorce. Our goal with the SMILE. program (Start Making It Livable for Everyone) is to help families through this very difficult process, with as little emotional pain as possible. Divorce can be hard and traumatizing. Often the change it brings about can be difficult to accept. The SMILE program utilizes the experience of many parents that have already gone through the process of divorce and experienced the difficulties associated with it. It also utilizes the knowledge of many professionals who have worked with divorcing parents for decades.

Every family is different, as is their situation. The SMILE program itself may be very helpful, but we encourage you to reach out to other services if you need them. This includes support groups, legal help, psychological help, or any other resources that are available to you.

Please remember, how you handle matters through your pending divorce could have lasting effects on your relationship with your children and their other parent. What you do and how you act could pave the way to healing or damaging important relationships for years to come.

Thank you for participating in this program. It’s important for the Court to know that you’ve completed the SMILE program remotely. Upon completion of the program please fill out the certificate of participation and email it to  so we can make the Court aware of your participation.

Thomas F. Blohm

Macomb County Friend of the Court


What is the friend of the court?

Certificate of Participation