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Friend of the Court

Staff and department locations

FOC - Staff and department locations

County Building
10 North Main Street
Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043


1st Floor

Friend of the Court Cashier/Payments


2nd Floor

Reception – Check-in for motions, show cause hearings, appointments, and to speak with someone about your file.

Child Support –  Presiding Judge Matthew Switalski and Judge Mark Switalski

Medical support and insurance – All judges

Enforcement Division Director - Laura W. Keeth


3rd Floor


Parenting Time – All judges

Child Support – Judge Tracey Yokich and Judge Rachel Rancilio

Interstate – All judges


4th Floor

Chief Referee - Brian O. Nicholas 

Referee - Maryanne Spryszak-Hanna

Chief Custody Investigator - Amy Freidline-Schubert

Support Investigator - Darnika Doles-Johnson

Clerical Services Director - Valentina Berishaj


5th Floor

Referees - Greg Toler and Alecia Golm

Custody Investigators - Carlos Shelley and Patricia Moore

Support Investigator - Jenny Cieslak


6th Floor

Referees - David Falk and Catherine Cole

Custody Investigators - Katherine Ferrell and Stephanie Newberry

Support Investigator Gary Houle


7th Floor

Director Friend of the Court - Thomas F. Blohm

Referees - Dayna Erbe-Cristofori and Jacqueline Wright

Support Investigators - Terry Artymovich and Dorothea Close

Custody Investigator - Linda Vatnikaj