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Election worker information page

Welcome to the election worker information page of the Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds website.

Are you interested in serving as an election worker?

Please complete the interest form below and indicate your availability in upcoming Macomb County elections, 9 days of early voting locations, and/or joining our Emergency Response Team of "on-call" workers.  

Macomb County Clerk's Office has begun, for the first time ever, a FREE "Election Inspector" Training Series for election inspector candidates to be trained before they are hired.  By filling out this form, you will be added to our Election Worker email list and staffing pool.  

Macomb County has 24 Local Clerks.  Each Local Clerk hires their own workers for each election.  Beginning February 2024, Michigan begins offering state constitutional early voting for nine (9) days before State and Federal elections.  This will require a lot of new election workers.  

Once you sign up with Macomb County Clerk's office, you will automatically be put on our email list and be notified of all our upcoming training dates. Trained election workers typically have a higher chance of being hired and selected to work by Local clerks.

Launch Election Workers Online Form

  • For more information on becoming an election worker, please call 586-469-6098.