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County offices closed May 27th

Macomb County offices will be closed on Monday, May 27th in observance of Memorial Day. Online services are available 24/7.

Election Department FAQs

Welcome to the Election Department "Frequently Asked Questions" page of the Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds website.

Election Department Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Election Department "Frequently Asked Questions" page of the Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds website. Below you will find answers to typical questions about elections, voting and registration.

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I will not be able to vote in person on Election Day.  How do I obtain an absent voter's ballot?

By making a request in writing to the election official responsible for administering the election. The written request may be on a preprinted application form supplied by your city/township, in a letter or on a postcard. A written request must include your signature.  

How do I have my name placed on the permanent absent voter list?

Permanent absent voter lists are maintained by city and township clerks. Contact your clerk and asked to be placed on the permanent absent voter list. The clerk will then mail you an application for absent voter's ballot before each election.

Is my voter registration permanent?

Yes, however, you must re-register if you move.

I registered to vote but have not received my voter I.D. card -- when will I receive one?

The issuance of voter I.D. cards is a function of your city or township clerk. It would be necessary to contact your city or township clerk to determine when or if your card was mailed.

Where do I vote on Election Day?

You may determine your polling location by checking the voter I.D. card issued by your city or township clerk. If you have misplaced your card, you may call your city/ township clerk or this office at (586) 469-5209. Polling place information is available on this website by clicking on the "Polling Locations" title bar and also the Secretary of State's Voter Information Center at

Can I "split my ticket" in a primary election?

No. Michigan Election Law does not require you to publicly declare a political party preference before voting in state primary elections, however, you may vote only for candidates from one political party on the partisan ballot. In a state general election you may chose from candidates of any political party as well as candidates without party affiliation, commonly known as independent candidates.

May I receive assistance when voting?

Yes. Under state law, you may request assistance from the precinct board for voting assistance. When a voter asks the precinct board for voting assistance, two election inspectors who have expressed a preference for different political parties must provide the needed help. Under federal law, a voter who is blind, disabled or unable to read or write may be assisted with his or her ballot by any person of the voter's choice, other than the voter's employer or agent of that employer or an officer or agent of a union the voter belongs to.

May I bring my child with me to vote?

Yes. A minor child may accompany a voter in the voting booth at an election. Anyone under the age of 18 years is regarded as a minor child under state election law.

I would like to become an election inspector (election worker), how do I get appointed?

City/township election commissions appoint election inspectors. Contact your city or township clerk and ask for an election inspector application. Election inspectors must be registered voters in the state of Michigan.

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