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42 Judicial Court New Baltimore

Criminal Cases and Probation

Information on Criminal cases for the 42-2 District Court - New Baltimore.

Criminal cases

Arraignment is the first court procedure in every criminal matter. A plea is entered by the defendant (guilty, not guilty, or stand mute) and a bond is set. The purpose of the bond is to ensure that the defendant will appear in court on the designated court dates. 

Attorneys are appointed for defendants who cannot afford to hire representation on their own. Repayment to the County for court appointed counsel may be required as part of the sentence/probation.  All defendants will be represented by an attorney at their Arraignment. 

42-2 District Court Criminal Division email 

42-2 District Court Criminal Division phone 586-725-9500, option 3.


It is your responsibility to keep track of all deadlines, dates and probation appointments
  • Fail to report/late for scheduled appointment: Failure to report when scheduled may result in a show cause hearing being scheduled. 
  • Fines & Costs: For those defendants who were granted time to pay, your entire amount is due on/before the due date. Fines & costs not paid in full by the due date may result in a show cause hearing. 
  • Address changes: You must report all address changes within 24 hours via email or phone call to your probation officer.
  • Permission to leave state/country: Permission to leave the state/country must be requested two (2) weeks in advance. You may be required to provide documentation.  Please complete the travel request and submit it to the court for review. 

If you have been ordered to complete educational classes or any counseling, it is your responsibility to provide the court with verification of completion or attendance. Failure to provide verification of completion for any court ordered conditions in a timely manner may result in a court hearing being scheduled.

Richard Hudson - Probation Officer

Phone: 586-725-9500 opt. 5