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42 Judicial Court Romeo

Landlord-Tenant Cases

Information for Landlord-Tenant Cases for the 42-1 District Court - Romeo.

All Landlord-Tenant cases are held by Zoom

Judge Andary Meeting ID: 236 540 4377   Passcode: 030721

To file a Landlord-Tenant Case at the 42-1 District Court - Romeo: 

  • The property must be located within Armada Township, Bruce Township, Ray Township, Richmond Township, Washington Township, Village of Armada, Village of Romeo, Memphis (south of Boardman Rd) or Richmond
  • A Summons and Complaint must be filed with the court, along with the Notice to Quit and a copy of the lease.
  • The plaintiff is required to have the above documents served upon the defendant.
  • The plaintiffs may request the court to mail an additional copy of the above documents on the defendant for an additional $13 fee.

Filling Fees:

Possession Only or Land Contract Possession Only $55

Possession and Money Damages:

$0 - $600 $90
$601 - $1750 $110
$1751 - $10,000 $130
$10,001 - $25,000 (Maximum)                                                   $215

*These filing fees do not include process server fees, motion fees, or post judgment costs.

All Summons and Complaints are served by the 42-1 Court Officers. Cost is determined by the location of the defendant's residence. 

42-1 District Court Civil Division email

42-1 District Court Civil Division phone 586-752-9679, option 4.