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Why plant a tree?

Trees do more than provide shade and beauty. Look under the canopy to reveal valuable benefits of the trees in Macomb County.

There are many benefits to planting a tree. Through the Green Macomb program, our goal is to increase the urban tree canopy of Macomb County.

Grow your investment

  • Homes with trees sell 2 days faster and for up to 15% more.
  • People will pay 7% higher in rental rates for commercial offices with high quality trees.
  • A tree is the only asset that increases in value with age; homeowners get 109% return for investing in trees.

Live better

  • Trees may save up to 7 lives a year in big cities by removing particulates from air and improving cardiovascular health.
  • Increasing community trees can have health benefits equivalent to a $10,000 annual income increase.
  • Urban nature improves alertness and reduces mental fatigue in children increasing academic success.
  • Frequent exposure to trees and green landscapes help individuals recover from chronic, low-grade stress.

Reduce pollution

  • Trees can reduce dangerous air pollutants ozone by 15%, sulfur dioxide by 14%, and nitrogen dioxide by 8%.
  • By removing particulates from the air, trees reduce heart and lung disease and can save up to 7 lives a year in big cities.
  • A mature pin oak in your yard can intercept 5500 gallons of rainfall/yr which is equal to over 200 loads of laundry.
  • Rain soaks into soil 50% better under a tree canopy.

Support your community

  • The presence of trees improves residents’ perception of safety and promotes use of public spaces.
  • By calming aggressive behaviors, trees can reduce violent crime by 56%; by signaling a home is cared for and likely monitored, trees can reduce  property crime by 48%.
  • Trees along streets slow traffic by 3 – 15 mph and reduce accidents.
  • Visitors will spend 9-12% more on goods and services and stay longer in business districts with trees.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Save energy

  • 3 properly placed trees can reduce annual air condition costs by 56%.
  • Areas shaded from trees may be 20-45° Fahrenheit cooler than the peak temperatures of unshaded material.
  • Trees can reduce home heating bills by 10% by serving a by serving as a windbreak from winter winds.