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Parks and natural resources

The parks and natural resources team provides a variety of services to local communities.

With 32 miles of coastline along beautiful Lake St. Clair, 32 miles of the clean, clear and connected Clinton River and over 13,000 acres of tree-covered public space, Macomb County is indeed the perfect place to live, work and play.

The protection and continued restoration of Macomb County’s natural spaces, both water and land, is the mission of the Macomb County Parks and Natural Resources Division (PNR), with the goal of sustaining them for generations to come for its residents, businesses and visitors alike.

Blue Economy

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Blue Economy initiative, which serves to celebrate the world-class assets of the Clinton River and coastal Lake St. Clair as they relate to improving and transforming our local, water-based economy. Its primary objectives are to provide environmental stewardship, foster economic development and enhance the quality of life.

Green Macomb

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Green Macomb, which supports green infrastructure efforts that strengthen the economic vitality, quality of life, and environmental well-being of the region. Through diverse partnerships, Green Macomb is working with local municipalities, businesses, private residents and nonprofit organizations to enhance the region’s land and water resources.

Local government assistance

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Assist local branches of government in securing funding and developing partnerships to maintain the health and welfare of our land and water resources for the benefit of all.





Macomb County Parks and Natural Resources master plan

The Macomb County Parks and Natural Resources master plan, established in 2020, reflects a vision for the future of the County’s parks and natural resource facilities, its operations, maintenance and enhancement for the next several years. It serves as a roadmap for future recreational facilities and programs by considering existing parks and programs in and around the county and anticipated demand for additional or improved recreation and natural area facilities.

The plan developed five goals to guide any future decisions:

  • Provide and administer a dynamic and impactful range of parks and recreation facilities, programs and services that will benefit residents and visitors.
  • Enhance natural resources and promote environmental stewardship.
  • Pledge to utilize parks and recreation services as a catalyst for strengthening community pride and uniting residents.
  • Utilize parks and recreation facilities, programs and services to improve the health and wellness of County residents.
  • Use natural resources, parks and recreation facilities, programs and services to generate economic growth and prosperity.

With these goals as a foundation, Macomb County Parks and Natural Resources has developed programming geared towards increasing economic development through the improvement of water quality, water access and water attraction.

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Contact the Macomb County Parks and Natural Resources division to discuss improving a community's park and natural resources.

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