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On the water

With a freshwater lake and a clean, clear and connected river, Macomb County is a water wonderland.

bench on pier alongside a lake

Residents and visitors alike visit Lake St. Clair and the Clinton River to boat, kayak, fish, paddleboard and more all year round. They are Macomb County's premier waterways.

And while the freshwater assets have a lot in common, they also have their own unique amenities and histories. For instance, over the last 30 years, the Clinton River has transformed from polluted to pristine with the help of community leaders. Lake St. Clair has its own story too, and it's often called the Heart of the Great Lakes. But together, these waterways make Macomb a great place to call home.

So explore the below pages and find out more. And then start making plans to visit our community and to get out on the water too.