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Why move to Macomb County

Macomb County is an affordable community with easy access to health care, education and recreation.

You can live anywhere, so why move to Macomb? It’s simple. Our community is affordable. It has easy access to quality health care and education. And opportunities for outdoor recreation are endless. 

We are a welcoming and safe County. Somewhere you can put down roots. A place to start a family, retire or create a new beginning. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it here. 

Keep reading to find out why nearly 900,000 people make Macomb their home, and why you should, too.

Fast facts

Dive deeper into Macomb County by learning about our housing, schools, health care and more.


Macomb County has affordable housing for renters and buyers, with costs well below the national average. From apartments to single family homes, our community can meet your needs.

Housing data
95.9 Cost of living index
373,639 Total housing units
$259,951 Average home value
113 Housing affordability index


Will you be safe when you live in our community? Yes. In 2023, we had 2.95 violent crimes per 1,000 people, and 10.20 property crimes per 1,000 people. This is just above the national average of 2.41 violent crimes per 1,000 people, and 12.12 property crimes per 1,000 people, below the national average. It also means Macomb County is a very safe place for residents and visitors alike.

Health care

Accessible health care makes for a high quality of life. And with four systems serving our 27 communities, medical service is just minutes away for people who make Macomb their home.

Health care data
4 Health care systems
4 Major medical facilities
1,100 Hospital beds
$6 million + Investments made by health care systems since 2014


Lifelong learning is possible in Macomb County. Starting with preschool through post-grad, there’s opportunity for people of all ages and abilities in public and private school facilities.

Education data
Head Start Free preschool for kids 0-5 based on income
21  Public school districts
19,000 Students receiving special education services
235  Career tech programs for high school students
15 Public colleges accessible through Macomb Community College
$6,378 Average amount owed on student loans


Macomb County is a welcoming community made up of people from all backgrounds. In fact, 11.3% of our population is foreign-born, and 14.8% of households speak a language other than English. This reflects our region’s reputation as a place where all can flourish. And it shows that anyone can make Macomb their home.


With a large parks system, accessible trails, a freshwater lake and more, it’s easy to enjoy the outdoors in Macomb County. And our four seasons provide a beautiful backdrop for a variety of activities. From biking to boating to birdwatching, you can do what you love here. 

Recreation data
32 miles Of freshwater shoreline
70  Active marinas
180 miles Of regional trails
3,800 acres Of municipal parks


Find additional resources and information at Visit Detroit, Tour Lake St. Clair and the Make Macomb Your Home Facebook Page.