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Manufacturing Day

The 10th annual MFG Day was held October 2-6, 2023 in Macomb County.

Manufacturing Day

MFG Day / Week October 2 - 6, 2023

What is manufacturing day? It is a national day where high school students can learn about modern-day manufacturing, career options and more. Students are able to visit a local facility and envision their future career. They can connect current classroom learning to on-the-job skills. Careers in manufacturing today are much different than years ago. Today, the manufacturing industry utilizes technology to create and build the latest and greatest products.

In 2023, the Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) in conjunction with the Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development (MCPED), played host to the 10th annual Macomb County Manufacturing Day. More than 2,000 students from all 27 high schools in Macomb County participated. MFG Day host sites welcomed a group of chaperoned students and allowed them a chance to see the industry in action by offering tours that showcase different processes as well as the careers involved. Each host site presented a 90-120 minute visit to give students a visual and hands-on experience inside a modern manufacturing facility.

Our 2023 Manufacturing Day host sites

  • A-1 Roll Co.

  • AGS Automotive

  • ARCH Cutting Tools - Warren LLC

  • Ascent Aerospace

  • Autokiniton

  • Avon Machining

  • BAE Systems

  • Berg Tool

  • Best Tool & Engineering

  • BMT Aerospace

  • Bridgewater Interiors

  • BTE Plastics

  • Casadei Steel Inc

  • Daiek Woodworks

  • Dana Warren

  • Drake Enterprises Inc

  • Detroit Edge Tool Company

  • D&N Bending Corporation

  • Eifel Mold & Engineering

  • Ethel's Bakery LLC

  • Fisher Dynamics

  • Fori Automation LLC, A Lincoln Electric Company

  • Futuramic Tool & Engineering

  • HTI Cybernetics

  • Hydraulex

  • Industrial Control Repair Inc.

  • Invio Automation

  • JB Cutting Inc.


  • KUKA Systems

  • Lanzen Inc.

  • L&L Products

  • Luckmarr Plastics

  • LumaSmart

  • MacLean-Fogg

  • Medbio 

  • Merrifield Machinery Solutions

  • MNP Corporation

  • Models & Tools

  • Netform

  • Oakley Industries

  • Paslin

  • PCS Company

  • Plastivaloire America Inc.

  • PTI Engineering

  • RAVE Computer

  • RCO Engineering

  • RPS Tool & Engineering

  • Sticker Blitz

  • Synergy Prototype Stamping and Synergy Additive Manufacturing

  • Systematic Manufacturing

  • Tarus Products Inc.

  • Telsonic Ultrasonics Inc

  • TEMO Inc.

  • The Pond Guy

  • TK Mold & Engineering, Inc.

  • Triumph Geared Solutions - Macomb

  • Tucker Induction Systems


  • Westlake Pipe & Fittings

  • Weldaloy Specialty Forgings

  • YCM Alliance

  • Zero Tolerance LLC