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Job shadow 101

Job shadowing is a great way to expose students to future careers.

Job shadowing is an educational activity, in which students spend time learning about a specific job or industry. They interact with professionals on the job while observing actual operations and procedures and gain an understanding of the company’s culture. The primary focus is to explore potential career interests. Job shadows typically last 3-8 hours and are a great way to align educational and career goals.

How can businesses sign up? 

Businesses interested in offering a job shadow program can fill out the Fueling the Talent Pipeline form.

What are the benefits?

Through job shadowing, students will be exposed to real-world learning. A job shadow experience gives students the opportunity to:

  • Gain exposure to career paths and make informed course and career decisions
  • Gain insight into a “day in the life” of a specific occupation and culture within an organization
  • Ask specific questions that they may have about a particular field, the requisite skills and experience needed to succeed in a particular job
  • Link textbook knowledge and skills acquired in class and apply it directly to the real world of work

How should I plan for a job shadow?

The host should prepare to provide students with a real look at their work world. For instance, a host can: 

  • Conduct an informational meeting to discuss career paths, educational credentials and experience, industry needs and trends, culture of the organization, training and professional organizations
  • Observe general office tasks
  • Have the student attend a staff meeting or observe a presentation
  • Provide a tour of the workplace
  • Demonstrate industry-specific software or tools

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