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County offices closed June 19th

Macomb County offices will be closed on Wednesday, June 19th in observance of Juneteenth. Online services are available 24/7.

Cooling Centers

Looking for a place to escape the extreme heat? Cooling centers are available across Macomb County.

Macomb Business Awards - How the program works

We encourage you to nominate your business or organization for this recognition and welcome the opportunity to share your “best practices” with others.

Evaluation process

Incoming nominations are prepared for a panel of judges with a simple set of instructions for scoring each one: 

Please rate each 300-word summary on a scale from one to 10 with 10 being the highest possible score:

  • 10 = Uses qualitative and quantitative evidence to succinctly describe how company accomplishments fit award criteria.  Provides measurable and impressive results.  This company provides a summary that could serve as a “case study” or “blueprint” for others who might be inspired to accomplish similar goals.   
  • 8 = Describes how accomplishments meet the criteria using both qualitative and quantitative examples.  Results are measurable and admirable. 
  • 6 = Provides a description of how company fits criteria but fails to include measurable results.
  • 4 = Provides anecdotal evidence of how company fits criteria.  Actual results are unclear.
  • 2 = The summary, as provided, does not clearly communicate a match to the criteria.


As an example of a high-scoring nomination, the following 224-word summary was submitted by the company selected as the 2023 Hidden Gem, Horstman Inc.

Not many people know that the suspensions for almost all new military vehicles are built in an unassuming building in Sterling Heights. From its founding in 2010, Horstman has grown tremendously and is set to grow substantially more in the next five years. It is possible that Horstman will be supplying the suspensions for the whole tracked vehicle fleet for the U.S. military in the near future. Horstman is also investing in future technologies through the digitization of military vehicle technologies. These endeavors involve the use of artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance, autonomy technologies and more. Horstman is continuing the advance the state of the art for military vehicle suspension and running gear to ensure that our soldiers get home from protecting our freedom. While the last 13 years have seen 10-fold growth at Horstman, the next 10 years should provide an additional 10-fold growth. With Horstman suspension being fielded on the the M109 A7 howitzer, the Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) light tank, the M88A3 recover vehicle, as well as potentially the new Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV), Horstman is poised provide product for all new tracked vehicles. Adding that to the extensive product portfolio already in service (Bradly, M113, Stryker, AMPV), Horstman is a crucial part of our military readiness and capability, all from two small buildings at Hall Road and Mound.

Why it worked

The company quickly explained how important its products are to the U.S. military. It also explained the unique products that it develops and the steady growth of the company through innovative practices and new technologies.

They also offered specific information on their inclusive practices and how those deliver measurable results. They told a great story in less than 300 words.