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Membership & affiliation application

Task force participants must be one of the following: educational institution; government entity; non-profit or private service provider; survivor.

Human Trafficking Hotlines

Turning Point - Local

24/7 Confidential - 1-586-463-6990 

National Human Trafficking Hotline

24/7 Confidential - 1-888-373-7888 - or Text* 233733, Text "HELP" or "INFO"

Mission - By providing a countywide collaborative work to educate the community; successfully prosecute offenders; and protect and advocate for survivors of human trafficking.

Vision - To create a community in which the opportunities for human trafficking are diminished to such an extent that all forms of human trafficking have been eliminated and all persons are supported, treasured and valued.

Members and affiliates of the task force agree to support the mission and vision of the task force.

In order to participate in the task force, persons must fall into at least one of the following categories: educational institution; government entity; non-profit or private service provider; survivor. 

Individuals and organizations can participate in the task force in two ways: committee membership and task force affiliation.

Committee membership - individuals and organizations can apply for membership on a working committee. Working committee members agree to regularly attend committee meetings and work towards forwarding the aims of the committee to which they belong. Membership organizations may send a delegate of their choice to represent the organization at committee meetings. All committee members are members of the Task Force.

Task force affiliation - affiliates are individuals and organizations who are willing to support and provide services and support to survivors of human trafficking in our community. Affiliates agree to create a process by which the task force can connect survivors to the affiliate for assistance.

Completed and submitted applications will be reviewed by the steering committee.