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The Macomb County Anti-Trafficking Task force was created in 2019 to investigate and prosecute cases of human trafficking and support survivors.

Human Trafficking Hotlines

Turning Point - Local

24/7 Confidential - 1-586-463-6990 

National Human Trafficking Hotline

24/7 Confidential - 1-888-373-7888 - or Text* 233733, Text "HELP" or "INFO"


MCAT began through the efforts of a pastor in Macomb County, Her mission was to offer support and services to trafficked individuals trying to leave “the life” of human trafficking or who were survivors of human trafficking. This brought her in contact with law enforcement, social service programs and non-profits who worked to prevent, deter and support persons affected by human trafficking. 

In early 2018, a small group of individuals met. With the support of the Macomb County Sheriff's Department, they began the hard work of establishing an anti-human trafficking coalition. Like-minded, vetted community partners were invited to participate. The coalition grew, expanded and established protocols, guidelines and develop working relationships across multiple disciplines. Support for the coalition also grew. The Office of the County Executive and Sheriff's Department offered additional support and growth opportunities.

By 2019, the Macomb County Anti-Trafficking Task force began to take shape. Community partners, service providers and law enforcement began to develop networks, receive consistent and vetted human trafficking education, and develop networking opportunities.

Just as the task force was gaining momentum, COVID-19 slowed the team’s progress. The members managed to pivot and develop training and collaborations in a virtual world and reemerge with more stability and a stronger vision. 

In 2022, MCAT is now fully supported by Macomb County government through its programs, law enforcement and community reach. MCAT collaborates with human trafficking task forces across our state, region and nation building partnerships to provide a collective impact.


By providing a countywide collaborative work to educate the community; successfully prosecuting offenders; and protecting and advocating for survivors of human trafficking. 


To create a community in which the opportunities for human trafficking are diminished to such an extent that all forms of human trafficking have been eliminated and all persons are supported, treasured and valued.