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Tax forms

Tax withholdings for state and federal.

New employees should complete the Federal and State W-4 Form(s) prior to orientation, and submit them to Human Resources and Labor Relations prior to or at orientation, along with all of their new-hire paperwork.

Current employees wishing to change their tax withholding must complete either Federal and/or State W-4 form(s). Once completed, the form(s) must be submitted to payroll in the Finance Department. W-4 form(s) are processed the first pay of every month.

If the change is a result of marriage, birth, adoption, divorce or death, you may also need to add or delete dependents to your insurance benefits, or make changes to your name, address or beneficiary designations. Please visit our Change My Benefits page for more information on which forms may be relevant to your situation. 

Please note, submission of any and all documentation does not constitute an official change until it is approved by Human Resources and Labor Relations and/or payroll.

Any requested information on the form(s) left blank, such as social security number or driver’s license number, or any writing not required on the form(s), erasures, white outs, cross outs or similar defacing will result in the Withholding Exemption Certificate being rejected and returned to the employee.

Download the Federal W-4 Form

Download the State of Michigan W-4 Form