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County offices closed May 27th

Macomb County offices will be closed on Monday, May 27th in observance of Memorial Day. Online services are available 24/7.

School Immunization Program (SIP)

The School Immunization Program aims to lower the risk of vaccine-preventable disease (VPD) in early childhood and school-age populations.

School Immunization Program (SIP)

The leading way to achieve a lower risk of vaccine-preventable diseases is through children receiving the required childhood and adolescent vaccines. The SIP provides education, support, and consultation to local families, programs, and schools to achieve and maintain childhood and adolescent immunization rates at 95% or higher.

The SIP works in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and the Michigan Childhood Improvement Registry (MCIR) in meeting or exceeding immunization requirements.


Failure to meet vaccine or waiver requirements, as set by the Public Health Code, requires the school principal, administrator, or program director to exclude a child from the school or program attendance.

Nonmedical immunization waiver

The nonmedical paper waiver form has been replaced with an electronic form that is added by the Local Health Department to the child’s Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) record.

After the parent attends the in-person waiver education session for the vaccines waived, the parent will sign the form electronically by typing their name in the signature field.

The parent no longer needs to deliver the waiver to their child’s school or child care.

For families that reside in or attend Macomb County schools or programs, waiver session is by appointment only and provided at the Macomb County Health Department located in Mount Clemens (43525 Elizabeth Road, Mount Clemens, MI 48043). To schedule an appointment for nonmedical waiver education services, please call the School Immunization Program at 586-466 6840 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., except holidays.

Documents to review prior to the Waiver Education Session:

Follow-up Instructions for Parents

If you Choose Not to Vaccinate Your Child

Cannot get the vaccine for medical purposes?

For children who cannot receive vaccines for a valid medical contraindication, a Medical Contraindication Form completed by the child's M.D. or D.O. must be given directly to the school or program office for submission to the Health Department. The Macomb County Health Department Medical Director reviews all medical waivers.

Schools and child care centers

View countywide immunization compliance rate totals for school districts and child care centers.

Macomb County has approximately 567 child care and school sites, and collectively, the MCHD School Immunization Program (SIP) and school staff must review the immunization records of approximately 45,000 children each year. The MCIR system is used by the school staff to complete and send their site’s immunization report to the SIP.

School districts/charter academies/private schools must have a completed, waived, or provisional immunization record (compliance) for at least 90% of their students for the MCIR November IP-100 report, and 95% compliance for the February IP-100 report.

Early childhood programs must have an immunization compliance record for at least 90% of their students for the MCIR October IP-101 report.

In Michigan, all children who enroll in and attend the following programs and schools are required by law to be vaccinated in accordance with the Michigan Public Health Code Act 368 of 1978 Part 92 Immunizations. The entities include:

  • Licensed childcare centers
  • Head Start programs
  • Preschool programs
  • Public, private, charter academies, special education, alternative education, adult education, homeschool partnerships, and virtual schools enrolling kindergarten through 12th-grade students.

For programs and schools to complete their reporting, parents, legal guardians, foreign exchange students’ host families, or 18-year-old students must present a written immunization record indicating the current vaccine status of the child to the program or school. All required vaccines are needed for continued school or program attendance.

Also required by the Public Health Code, all early childhood programs licensed by the MDHHS and school-age programs registered by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), are required to report the immunization status of specific student populations. These populations include:

  • Newly enrolled in a childcare center, Head Start, or preschool program
  • All kindergarten, including developmental kindergarten students
  • All 7th-grade students
  • All students who enroll as new-to-district entrants in grades 1-6 and 8-12 through 18 years of age

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