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Adopt-A-County frequently asked questions

Information and frequently asked questions related to Macomb County's Adopt-A-County Road program.

Below is additional information to commonly asked questions related to Macomb County's Adopt-A-County Road program.

The Adopt-A-County Road allows Department of Roads maintenance crews to concentrate on keeping the road itself in good condition for motorists. Public participation in cleaning up litter and debris from the roadside improves our community’s landscape and makes Macomb County a cleaner and nicer place to live and work.

Individuals, families, businesses, charitable organizations, schools, churches, and other organizations – pretty much everyone! Safety is our priority, so prospective volunteers should be in good physical condition with good eyesight and hearing. Minors may participate with the authorization of a parent or guardian and with sufficient adult supervision during cleanup projects.

No monetary contribution is required. A little time and energy is all we ask from participants! There is no cost for the Adopt-A-County Road sign, trash bags, or safety vests required during cleanup projects.

We generally ask that you adopt a minimum of one mile. If you have a specific road in mind, you can contact us to see if it is available or view the map of adopted and available roads in Macomb County.

The Adopt-A-County Road sign is 24” x 24” and the name plate is 12” x 24”.

There is a maximum of 20 characters or spaces per line and two lines per sign.

Before a road cleanup project, participants should contact the Adopt-A-County Road program for required safety vests and trash bags. Participants will then meet at a designated location (carpooling is encouraged) and walk along the adopted roadside while picking up litter and debris. Safety precautions are a must! All participants must review the Adopt-A-County Road safety information.

We understand that it can be difficult to coordinate dates for cleanup projects with large groups people. The program allows for a missed cleanup when notified in advance. If we do not receive notice that you cleaned your roadside over a period of one year, we will contact you directly to see if you are still interested in remaining an Adopt-A-County Road participant. Roads that are not cleaned for more than one year without notice from the adopting organization may be subject to cancellation of the adoption.