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Adopt-A-County Road

Information and resources for Macomb County's Adopt-A-County Road program.

Keep our community clean

Person picking up a piece of trash near the side of the road.

Whether people are visiting Macomb County for the first time or driving our roads daily, the appearance of our roadways matters. To help keep our roadsides clean and attractive, the Department of Roads Adopt-A-County Road program was established more than 20 years ago.

MCDR crews are responsible for maintaining more 1,700 miles of primary and local county roads. With the never ending struggle for funding needed for the basic maintenance of the road itself, roadside litter can become an unsightly prospect. Macomb County's Adopt-A-County Road program is a great opportunity for individuals and groups to take an active role in our community. With no costs and an easy process to get started, the program provides you and your group with a opportunity to make a positive environmental impact in your area, while teaching community responsibility and volunteerism to your participants.

In addition to the opportunity for your group to grow and learn and have some fun while participating in the program, our Adopt-A-County Road program provides a great way to advertise your organization’s active role in the community through roadside signage and inclusion in our map of adopted roads and list of sponsors shown on our website.

Join Macomb County's effort to keep our roads and community clean. Individuals, families, businesses, charitable organizations, schools, and other groups can adopt a section of road and contribute to the beautification of our community. An easy three-step adoption process and a commitment of just two cleanup projects a year is all it takes to make a positive impact in Macomb County.

  1. Select a county road available for adoption
  2. Submit an application
  3. Review safety information

Completed applications can be emailed to or mailed to the attention of the Adopt-A-County Road Program at the Department of Roads.