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Pet surrender

Surrendering your pet to the shelter should only be considered when you have exhausted all other options.

Surrendering an animal

At Macomb County Animal Control we recognize that giving up a family pet is never an easy decision, but we know that sometimes it may feel like you have no other option. Surrendering your pet to Macomb County Animal Control should be a last resort. Remember, you are your pet's best advocate! Check with friends, family, and neighbors to see if they would be willing to take your pet. Macomb County Animal Control can only accept owner surrendered pets when shelter space permits. 


Do you need help with your pet?

Unfortunately, despite loving their animals, families in crisis often feel they must resort to surrendering their pets because they don’t know where to turn for temporary assistance with pet food, medical, or behavior services. There are alternatives for surrendering your pet to the shelter! Try contacting rescue groups or using a rehoming website such as Rehome by Adopt a Pet or Rescue Me

If you have exhausted all options and still need to surrender your pet, please complete the Pet Surrender Request form. Please understand that completing this request does not guarantee that we will be able to accept your pet. If we cannot accept your pet, we will provide alternatives and other resources that may be of assistance. Proof of ownership is required for surrendering an animal. 


Not your pet?

If you have found a stray animal you need to contact your local Animal Control division. For stray animals in Macomb County (with the exception of Eastpointe, Mount Clemens, Sterling Heights or Warren) please call our dispatch service at (586)469-5115.