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Hobby breeding

Requirements to practice hobby breeding of domestic pets.

A Hobby Breeder permit is required for any person, business, organization, or corporation that is seeking to perform small-scale breeding. This permit is for those in good standings, that does not meet the State (MDARD) requirements for Large-Scale Breeder and has less than 15 intact animals over the age of 4 months. A County permitted Hobby Breeder may breed animals for sale, trade, exchange, give away or otherwise place up to 20 animals per calendar year, and whose primary source of income is not derived from the breeding and/or sale of animals. Those looking to receive a Hobby Breeder permit must be compliant with their city/township limits or obtain a valid kennel license from their city or township. 

The Hobby Breeder registration is to completed for animals that are owned and intended to be bred, but prior to the act of breeding.


Hobby Breeder registrations are limited annually to one per person, entity, corporation and location. The applicant must not have been convicted of animal negligence, cruelty, abuse, or in violation of Macomb County Animal Control Best Practices. All registration requests are subject to approval. Registration fees shall be periodically reviewed by the Macomb Office of the County Executives. 



A recipient of a Hobby Breeder permit shall allow an inspection performed by Animal Control as specified in Section 3.4 annually, without a warrant of the premises used for sheltering, harboring, and/or maintaining, except for those portions of the premises used solely for human habitation or to house personal pets not used for breeding. Conditions are specified in Macomb County Animal Control Best Practices Article VI and Article VIII. Hobby breeders shall maintain current verifiable records for a period of at least 2 years. The records shall include:

  • The verified name and address of the person from whom the animal was acquired, where the animal was acquired, and the date that the animal was acquired.
  • A description and identification of the animal, including the animal's identification information, color, breed, sex, alteration status, and approximate weight and age.
  • The date and method of disposition of the animal. If the animal is adopted, transferred, or sold, the records shall also include the verified name and address of the person to whom the dog is adopted, transferred, or sold.
  • The number of intact breeding adult animal.
  • Breeding records for each female intact animal that include the approximate date the animal was bred and the birth date and size of each litter.
Medical Care

Every Hobby Breeder permittee shall have a primary veterinarian responsible for the veterinary care of the animals. All animals on the premises must be current on required rabies, and species/age specific vaccinations and licensed. Pet Health Certificates must be issued by a veterinarian; a copy must be provided when selling, trading, exchanging or otherwise placing the animal, and a copy must be kept for the breeder’s records and provided during inspections. Animals involved in interstate transport will be required to have a valid Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. A Hobby Breeder is not to sale, trade, exchange, give away or otherwise place an animal that is less than 8 weeks of age.