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16th Judicial Circuit Court


How to request a foreign language interpreter.


Sign language interpreters

Please see "ADA Accommodations."

Foreign language interpreters

Individuals with limited English proficiency may request the services of a foreign language interpreter to assist them during court proceedings.  Parties, witnesses, and other persons with a substantial interest in the case or court proceeding may be entitled to interpreter services.  If you believe that you require interpreter services, please submit a Request and Order for Appointment of Foreign Language Interpreter form to Case Management Division.  Alternatively, you may complete and return the Request and Order for Interpreter form prepared by the State Court Administrative Office.  The judge will appoint a foreign language interpreter if he or she determines that such services are necessary for you to meaningfully participate in the case or court proceeding.  Once an interpreter has been appointed, you may also need to fill out a Financial Schedule – Appointment of Foreign Language Interpreter form.  If you are financially able to pay for the interpreter’s services and the judge determines that repayment will not pose an unreasonable burden on your ability to have meaningful access to the court, you may be ordered to repay the court for the costs of the interpreter.

Interpreter communication with Retained or Court Appointed Counsel

Court-appointed and retained counsel must keep in contact with the foreign language and/or ASL interpreter, including the agency that has been assigned to the case, for future dates and case status. Their court time must be scheduled accordingly. Interpreters are to be notified as soon as possible of any scheduling or location changes.

Bi-lingual forms

The State Court Administrative Office has prepared several bi-lingual forms.  You may use these forms to help you fill out the corresponding form in English.  These forms cannot be filed with the Court.  Only the corresponding English language forms will be accepted for filing.  Please click on the following links to access these forms:


Interpreter incident 

 If you would like to report an incident regarding interpreter services, please submit the incident report form from the link below to the Case Management Division at the following email address:

Interpreter compensation

In-person foreign language interpreters are compensated for their services as follows: Certified interpreters are paid $60 per hour, with a two hour minimum; qualified interpreters are paid $45 per hour, with a two hour minimum; and interpreters who are neither certified nor qualified are paid $35 per hour, with a two hour minimum. We do not pay for mileage, travel time, parking, lunch time, or emergency assignments.