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County offices closed June 19th

Macomb County offices will be closed on Wednesday, June 19th in observance of Juneteenth. Online services are available 24/7.

Cooling Centers

Looking for a place to escape the extreme heat? Cooling centers are available across Macomb County.

Treasurer's Office

Tax foreclosure prevention

The Treasurer's Office can help explain the tax foreclosure process, work with you to develop a payment plan or refer you to assistance programs that may be available.

Properties facing foreclosure in 2024

Property owners are responsible for paying their property taxes. Our office can help explain the tax foreclosure process, work with you to develop a payment plan, or refer you to assistance programs that may be available. Are you facing tax foreclosure because of unpaid 2021 or earlier taxes? If so, March 31 is the deadline to pay or set up a plan to avoid losing your home. Tax foreclosure can occur once property taxes are delinquent for three years. For example, 2021 property taxes became delinquent on March 1, 2022, forfeited to the county Treasurer on March 1, 2023 and can be foreclosed as early as February 2024.

As part of the foreclosure judgment, you can redeem your property by paying the 2021 and prior year taxes by March 31, 2024.


Find your balance due

The first step is to obtain the balance of your 2020 and prior year property taxes. You can find that balance using the property address on BS&A Once on the page you can search by entering the owner's name, property address or parcel number in the box near the top of the page.


Determine if you need more time to pay and request a hardship extension

We will work with you to develop a payment plan, please fill out our hardship extension request form and you will be contacted by our office.

If you are unable to fill out the request form, please:



Call to schedule an appointment

Lastly, call the Macomb County Treasurer’s office at 586-469-5446 to schedule an appointment to meet with a tax consultant.

The time to act is now! To do nothing is your worst option. My staff and I are here to help assist you.
- Lawrence Rocca

Michigan State University logo on field of green

Housing and financial education

Free financial and foreclosure counseling is available to you by calling Michigan State University Extension Certified Housing Counselors at 586-469-6430.  

Housing and financial education

Other assistance options

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may be eligible under MCL 211.7u for an exemption in whole or in part from the collection of property taxes. For more information or assistance, contact your local treasurer's office.

If the property is your principal residence and you meet the eligibility criteria, you may apply for an exemption under MCL 211.7cc and 211.7dd of the General Property Tax Act. To claim a PRE, you must submit a Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit, Form 2368 to the assessor for the city or township in which the property is located.

Michigan's homestead property tax credit is how the State of Michigan can help you pay some of your property taxes if you are a qualified Michigan homeowner or renter and meet the requirements. You should complete the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim MI-1040CR to see if you qualify for the credit. Find the appropriate form here.

The following community resources are available for Macomb County residents; contact the organization or visit their website for more information.